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On Site Machining

How can an item that is too large or too difficult to move into a workshop be repaired on site?

By making our engineering workshop portable, then mobilising it (along with unique methods of carrying out the in-situ repair) to your works and carrying out the machining there.

Using specialised portable machining equipment developed over many years in the business (standing at over 60 years and counting) we bring the repair solution to you.

We regularly repair items as small as an excavator arm, to as large as a ships tailshaft. We have portable onsite machining tools that can restore your equipment back to OEM standards quickly and cost effectively. Equipment can be back in service in a very short time, especially when compared with conventional services.

The tolerances and surface finish achieved are as good as the original (OEM) in the majority of cases and often better.

We guarantee our work and we have many customer testimonials to show that we always put in the extra effort to ensure a fully satisfied customer.

Some of the site machining services we offer are shown below (bearing in mind these are just a few of the more common repairs we offer).

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