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Line Boring

Nicol & Andrew repair worn or damaged bores (e.g. digger buckets) using in-situ line boring and spiral welding equipment. We can orbitally weld and machine damaged or worn bores back to standard size.

How You Benefit By Portable Boring Solutions

Fast and Efficient Set Up Of Equipment?

Cleverly designed bearing supports (single or double mount) allow quick and easy erection. Precision split set up cones allow fast centring of the bar to existing bores. Boring bars are available to cope with diameters as small as 35mm and up as large as 2M ∅ and beyond.

Types of Bores Suitable For Repair

Our standard machines will cover all main types of in line pivot housings and bearing pockets including:-

Automated Spiral Bore Welding

Fully automated bore welding can restore damaged bores back to original size. Simply mounted on to a boring bar this provides a quick and easy method of complete restoration.

Optical & Laser Alignment Ensures Precision

We provide a complete service for all applications including main journal pockets including full NDT and laser or optical alignment to ensure a high degree of accuracy.

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