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Laser Alignment

Nicol & Andrew Glasgow provide Laser alignment services and equipment to help ensure your items of industrial or marine plant operate at maximum efficiency.

How You Benefit By Laser Alignment Services

Laser Straightness Measurement

Nicol & Andrew can measure straightness profiles of machine bases and turbine casings etc. in two axes. We use the laser beam as a reference and the distance deviation between the laser beam and the measurement object is measured in two or more positions.

Laser Shaft Alignment

Using highly advanced and precise dual laser alignment equipment Nicol & Andrew can quickly diagnose and improve the running condition and reliability of your machines. Shaft alignment is one of the mission critical components for optimum performance. Shaft alignments can be measured, aligned and documented in record time.

Laser Bore Alignment

Nicol & Andrew can perform detailed precision on site laser surveys of misaligned bores in pumps, compressors, engine blocks, turbine casings, press housings and gearboxes. Fast accurate results are obtained and presented in an easy to understand manner.

Laser Circular Flatness Measurement

Nicol & Andrew carry out circular flatness measurements on machine tables, foundations, engine bedplates, flanges, slewing bearings, mounting surfaces for thrusters, rudders as well as surfaces for thrust bearings.


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