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Internal Honing

Nicol & Andrew have been offering an in-situ honing service on cylindrical parts since the early 1950s.

Extend the Life of your Old Components

Internal honing is used to create precision round and parallel bores and to impart a selected surface finish to both old and new components. This process can provide a coarse cross hatch effect, right through to a mirror finish.

Workshop & In-Situ Honing Services

Internal and External Bearing Surfaces Honed

We undertake internal honing regularly as a post machining exercise to improve surface finish.

It is also available as a separate service providing the same benefits as internal honing but on the external surface of a round component.

Large Range of Diameters & Lengths Catered For

We cater for diameters from 25 mm ∅ up to 1100 mm ∅ and greater. Using our stroking machines we can hone up to 12 metres in length on site.

Typical internal applications include de-glazing of cylinder liners, honing of \"P\" bracket locations and repair of hydraulic parts. Typical external applications include the honing of tailshafts and generator shafts after metal spraying.

Rotor Bores Honed For Boresonic Examination

We hone turbine rotor bores prior to Boresonic inspection.

Also to remove cracks and blemishes found while carrying out “Rest of Life Analysis” of turbine and alternator rotors.

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Note we are now performing all the honing work previoulsy carried out by: -

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