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In-Situ Electroplating Salvages Worn Equipment Without Disassembly “On Site”

Nicol & Andrew’s In-Situ Electroplating and In-situ Machining is the answer with benefits such as corrosion protection and increased wear resistance.

Rotary electroplating of a 400mm Tailshaft

Let us show you how the Nicol & Andrew in-situ plating and machining process can help prevent costly downtime and shipping headaches.

“If you can’t move it, we’ll plate it where it stands”

Our in-situ electroplating and machining process, goes to the job site and eliminates a lot of equipment downtime. Your technicians are then free to make alternative choices for a variety of repairs. Our plating solutions can be deposited on most conduc­tive substrates, with over 60 standard precious metals, non-precious metals, and a variety of alloys. Our process enables you to build up worn parts, it can increase con­ductivity of bus bars; it even provides corrosion protec­tion and added wear resistance.

We will estimate your repair and send an experienced team of plating & machining engineers to restore your equipment to original specifica­tions...and guarantee the repair.

Here are some typical repair problems that our in-situ plating and machining process can solve:

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