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Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs

Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs

We also provide quick and cost-effective solutions to your hydraulic cylinder problems. No matter if they are severely damaged, we can offer a comprehensive repair solution.

The reason our service is so fast and reliable is as follows:

  • We hold large stocks of quality replacement materials.
  • Replacement Parts are manufactured in-house.
  • All materials and seals we use are obtained directly from the manufacturers.
  • We can repair cylinders of any type or make of equipment.
  • No matter the type of plant, we can handle it all.
  • Cylinder static pressure testing and data logging facilities.
  • Bespoke torque bed for cylinder rod disassembly and reassembly capable of up to 40,000 Ft/Lb Torque.
Hydraulic cylinder repairs
Hydraulic ram machining
Hydraulic ram repairs
Hydraulic cylinders in workshop

We can repair practically any type, make or size of hydraulic cylinder

All hydraulic cylinders brought in for repair are dismantled and assessed. We then prepare a fixed price quotation for the work required.

If replacement parts are required, we manufacture them in-house from our stocks of quality materials. In this way, we do not have to rely on obtaining expensive parts from the maker or wait for the parts to be delivered.

We hold extensive stocks of chrome-plated EN14 rod material up to 110mm on our premises. The materials used are the same or of better quality than those the original manufacturers use to make the hydraulic cylinder in the first instance. We know – we also manufacture quality hydraulic cylinders to our own design.

We use the very best seal suppliers in the business and fit only equivalent or improved-quality seals to the cylinders we repair.

  • All cylinders are fully pressure tested, and if required, data is logged prior to despatch.
  • Our turnaround time is very fast (mostly days, not weeks)
  • Repaired items carry a full 90-day warranty against any faulty materials or workmanship.

Marine Offshore and Subsea Repairs

We also repair hydraulic cylinders that have been exposed to marine and offshore environments.

You can rely on our many years of experience in “Marine” hydraulic cylinders and rams. We use quality stainless steel, corrosion-resistant electro-plating and other surface coatings to achieve high-quality salt-resistant repairs.

We have a lot of experience producing hydraulic cylinders used in the operation of the bow doors on RO/RO ferries. We also work frequently on deck winches, deck cranes, oil-producing platforms, subsea ROVs, and pipe-handling equipment.

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Why Clients Use Nicol & Andrew's Hydraulics Division


We Fix Common Problems

When you have problems with your hydraulic rams, we can provide you with a quick and cost-effective solution. No matter how severely damaged your ram may be, we can provide a repair or remanufacture solution.


"Inexpensive" Not Cheap

We repair rams to their original specification using similar materials and methods as the OEM. Many OEMs and dealers rely on selling expensive spares to make a profit, but we can save you time and money by avoiding their game.


Quality Materials and Seals

We have extensive stocks of chromium-plated piston rod material and cylinder tubes, using the same high-quality materials as the original manufacturer. Our suppliers are top-notch, and we only use equivalent or improved-quality seals when repairing rams.