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Hydraulic-ram.co.uk is the web site for the hydraulics division of Nicol & Andrew Group.

Nicol & Andrew was established in 1952 to carry out in-situ machining and repairs on marine propulsion units. The company developed an extremely interesting and innovative machine and method to carry out crankshaft grinding of large ships engines without the need to remove them from the engine. The method saved ship owners large amounts of money and down time. The company has since developed many other machining operations that can be performed on site to effect repairs on large plant. Our in-situ technicians travel the world to ships, power stations and industrial plant, supplying a service, which is available 24hrs a day 365 days a year. Click the link to find out more about our onsite machining service

Nicol & Andrew's Glasgow works for many years manufactured cylinder honing machines and honing heads and provided a sub contract internal honing service to the manufacturing industry. In 1995 we recruited a management team and work force skilled and experienced in the repair and manufacture of hydraulic cylinders. Our works is situated close to the motorway and airport at Hillington Glasgow. We no longer manufacture honing equipment and our workshop is dedicated to the repair and manufacture of hydraulic cylinders, with all the necessary machine tools and equipment required to produce everything "in house". We have established sound relationships, with the best seal and materials suppliers and manufacturers in the UK. These suppliers complement our own material stocks to ensure that materials are at hand when required

We are equipped with powerful CAD equipment to assist the design process for both new cylinders and repairs. Experienced and graduate engineers decide the appropriate repair methods, we don't guess, and leave nothing to chance. Our technicians are all fully qualified and have many years experience. Guided by our well-proven quality system certificated to ISO 9001 2008, we have built a reputation for quality and value for money.

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