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About Us is the website for the hydraulics division of Nicol & Andrew Ltd.

Nicol & Andrew was established in 1952 to conduct in-situ machining and repairs on marine propulsion units. The company developed an exciting and innovative machine and method to carry out crankshaft grinding of large ships’ engines without the need to remove them. The technique saved ship owners significant amounts of money and downtime. The company has since developed many other machining operations that we can perform on-site to effect repairs on large plant.

Our in-situ technicians travel the world to ships, power stations and industrial plant, supplying a service available 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. Click the link to find out more about our onsite machining service.

Our orbital on-site machining tool

Hydraulics Division

Nicol & Andrew’s Glasgow Works manufactured cylinder honing machines and honing heads for many years and provided a sub-contract internal honing service to the manufacturing industry. In 1995 we recruited a management team and workforce skilled and experienced in repairing and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders.

Our works is situated close to the motorway and airport at Hillington Glasgow. We no longer manufacture honing equipment. Our workshop is dedicated to repairing and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders with the machine tools and equipment required to produce everything “in-house”. We have established good relationships with the best UK seal and materials suppliers and manufacturers. These suppliers complement our material stocks to ensure materials are at hand when required.

We have an extensive knowledge base to assist the design process for new cylinders and repairs. Experienced engineers decide the appropriate repair methods; we don’t guess and leave nothing to chance. Our technicians are all fully qualified and have many years of experience guided by our well-proven quality system, certificated to ISO 9001 2015 for full traceability. We have built a reputation for quality and value for money.

Hydraulic plant

Keeping industry running for over 70 years

Originally founded in 1952, Nicol & Andrew was the first company of its kind to carry out in-situ machining and repairs on marine propulsion units.

Nicol & Andrew plc

Nicol & Andrew plc is firmly established as a world leader in in-situ repair technology and on-site repair services.

In every industry sector, we provide equipment tailored to the repair environments and customers’ specifications. Whether the repair is in a ship’s engine room at sea or the classified area of a Nuclear Power Station, we have trained personnel and specialist equipment to meet our customers’ needs.

We now provide a total package of on-site services to give our customers Turnkey solutions to their maintenance and breakdown problems:

  • Crankshaft repair services
  • Metal stitching of cast iron and other steel components
  • Laser and Optical Alignment to measure the problem
  • In-situ Electroplating to recover (build up missing material) on damaged items
  • On-site machining to machine undersize or back to original size after electroplating
  • Precision engineering services to make unique (including undersize) replacement parts
  • Metal spraying of components to “Marinise” metal components or build them up to recover wear or damage
  • Hydraulic repairs and refurbishment of rams and cylinders
Orbital shaft machining repair by Nicol and Andrew plc

Why Clients Use Nicol & Andrew's Hydraulics Division


We Fix Common Problems

When you have problems with your hydraulic rams, we can provide you with a quick and cost-effective solution. No matter how severely damaged your ram may be, we can provide a repair or remanufacture solution.


"Inexpensive" Not Cheap

We repair rams to their original specification using similar materials and methods as the OEM. Many OEMs and dealers rely on selling expensive spares to make a profit, but we can save you time and money by avoiding their game.


Quality Materials and Seals

We have extensive stocks of chromium-plated piston rod material and cylinder tubes, using the same high-quality materials as the original manufacturer. Our suppliers are top-notch, and we only use equivalent or improved-quality seals when repairing rams.