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Ferry car deck lift cylinder

Customer:  Car transport ferry (RO) November 2023 Ferry car deck cylinder lifts the upper car deck to double the capacity of cars/trucks on board – Existing rod chrome was removed and replaced to specification and cylinder bore was honed to remove internal damage....

Cylinder tube

Customer:  November 2023 Removal of broken bolts from an excavator bucket cylinder/end cap to save the tube. 
Shear cylinder

Shear cylinder

Plant attachment Shear which is used for cutting steelwork/concrete in building demolition work. New cylinder tube manufactured and recycled/repaired the main existing parts to reduce the overall repair cost. 1. Machined existing tubes from the cylinder base due to...

Main telescopic cylinder

Customer: Waste compaction facility. December 2023 Main waste compaction multistage cylinder fully overhauled. Used for the compaction of paper/cardboard into bales for recycling.