Hydraulic Ram & Cylinder Repairs

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How We Repair Hydraulic Rams

When your hydraulic ram is received for repair it will be dismantled and assessed.

You will then receive a fixed quotation and time-scale, for your approval.

What Can Be Repaired

Common equipment that can be repaired is in use in many situations such as the hatches on container ships and supertankers, the rams on earth moving equipment and cranes etc. For Example: - 

  • Fork trucks
  • Excavators
  • Loaders
  • Lorry mounted cranes
  • Steering rams
  • Mobile cranes

See An Extended List Where Hydraulic Rams Are Used


Common Problems

When you have problems with your hydraulic rams we can provide you with a quick and cost effective solution. No matter how severely damaged your ram may be, we can provide a repair or remanufacture solution.

  • Bent rods.
  • Scored Rods
  • Leaking Seals
  • Dented Cylinders
  • Scored Cylinders
  • Rusty or Pitted Chrome
  • Worn/ damaged mounts

"Inexpensive" Not Cheap

Rams repaired by us are returned to original specification. We utilise similar materials and methods to those used by the OEM to make them in the first place. As you will be aware many OEM’s and dealers make very little on the sale of the machine. Their profit margin comes from supplying expensive spares to you throughout the life of the machine.

Why play their game?

Why not let us save you money and time?

When you have a ram repaired by us what you get is a high quality repair at a low price.


Materials and Seals

We hold large stocks of chromium plated piston rod material, and cylinder tube on the shelf. The materials we use to manufacture replacement parts are exactly the same as those the original manufacturer used to make your ram in the first place. Our suppliers are the very best in the business we fit only equivalent or better quality seals to the rams we repair.


Special Marine Solutions

If you have rams, which are used on board ships or offshore, we can provide special corrosion resistant repair solutions. Our well-proven Nickel under Chrome electroplating specification could be used to replace your corroded piston rods. We also manufacture replacement rods and parts in several grades of stainless steel.